2021 Polygon Sierra Oosten – Women’s Cruiser / City Bike

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Step-Through super light 6061 Aluminum frame provides an upright relaxed seating position, ideal to get in and out even when you’re wearing a skirt.


Shimano Altus 8-Speed with wide-range gearing and Shimano Revo twist shifter allow for smooth and easy shifting.


Extra strength and durability of light alloy rim combined with stainless steel spokes create a rustproof set.


Light, reliable with sufficient stopping power and modulation.


Swept back handlebars for ergonomic riding position combined with leather grips and comfortable Selle Royal Odina saddle.



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Polygon Sierra Oosten

Polygon Sierra Oosten


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Oosten” is Dutch for “East” and hence represents the perfect blend of vintage Dutch styling combined with the latest cycling technologies from Asia. We designed this bike from the ground up, when we realized that women want and deserve both style and performance from their bikes.

Enormous thought went into every detail on the bike. The result is a classic vintage bike that encapsulates modern technology combined with old days’ charisma – get ready to reset what you believed a women’s vintage bike can do.

There are cheaper vintage bikes out there, there are however few better quality than the Oosten. Cheap vintage bikes are designed to last for few months before they rust, gear shifts become vague and the weight of the bike means they are simply not used anymore.

When used as a commuter in all conditions and terrain, we wanted the bike to be able to still perform, and hence weight became a primary concern. Where possible, alloy components are chosen – such as the frame, bars, and seat post, but it is also the small details like the mudguards and brakes that result in a super lightweight women’s bike.

Typical steel-framed vintage bikes are both heavy and tend to flex under pressure. This is where the Oosten excels and features a 6061 Aluminum frame, resulting in a much lighter and stiffer frame. This all becomes clear when you’re faced with a steep uphill and the only way up is to stand and pedal. Where steel frame bikes flex and wobble, the Polygon Sierra Oosten keeps its composure, thus resulting in less effort spent and better ride quality.

There have been no compromises in the drive train either – rather than a 6 or 7-speed freewheel, which is a very old and difficult to the service system, the Polygon Sierra Oosten features an 8-speed freehub, not only does it provide more than 30% more additional gear range but it also is much easier to service. These gears are all selected using a high-quality Sunrace 8 Speed derailleur offering dependable and effortless gear shifting performance.

Confidence while braking has been assured with the Oosten. The latest alloy “V brakes” are used, rather than the typical cantilever style. These linear-pull brakes of the Oosten, offer increased power and modulation and won’t flex and grab during steep descents.

Perhaps the feature that goes inconspicuous the most in the Oosten is the wheels. Alloy double-wall rims, stainless steel spokes, and Alloy hubs all help in keeping the bike light but it’s the wheel size on this bike that will make the biggest difference compared to other bikes in the market. Boosting an elegant 26 inch set of wheels, these roll superbly on roads and bike lanes, with the added comfort almost trumping its speed.

Rounding off the bike, the rear rack, additionally purchased wicker basket and comfort riveted saddle ensure the bike has oodles of style and is the perfect modern take on a classic vintage bike.

* Basket is not included with purchase


26-inch vs 700c?

Our Oosten’s come with 2 wheels size options; a 26inch wheel and a 700c wheel. So what size is right for you?

The size difference is about 1 inch smaller (2 inches smaller with road slicks). On smaller bikes, the 2 inches make a huge difference in helping the rider find the perfect size without sacrificing performance.

26 Inch Wheel PROS?

  • Smaller wheels make steering faster and more responsive, meaning a high degree of maneuverability. This helps when navigating technical trails or tight and twisty bike paths. 26-inch wheels also make the bike feel much smaller and easier to handle.
  • 26-inch wheels are better for shorter riders as on smaller framed bikes, 26-inch wheels fit the frame geometry better. This allows you to have a more comfortable riding position if you are a smaller rider. Most women and young teens prefer the 26-inch wheels as they are best for riders under 5’5′-5’7′. If you’re in the middle, we recommend going up a size.

26 Inch Wheel CONS?

  • 26-inch wheels don’t roll over obstacles as well due to the smaller diameter of the wheels. They can feel uncomfortable and have a harder time rolling over potholes and bumps in the road. A smaller wheel can get swallowed up in a hole that a larger wheel would roll right over. This, therefore, makes the ride less smooth as every time you hit a bump or pothole, you’ll feel it more with smaller wheels. This can make the ride less comfortable.
  • 26-inch wheels aren’t ideal for tall riders. 26-inch wheels are best for riders 5’5′-5’7″ or under. If you’re in the middle, we recommend going up a size.

700c Wheel PROS?

  • 700c wheels are larger in diameter and can therefore roll over holes and bumps on roads; therefore tire options for the 700c wheel are more vast in the slicker and city tire options, making it more appealing for commuting.
  • 700c is better for taller riders, the larger wheels fit the geometry of a larger bike better. Because of this, 700C wheels are best for riders over 5’5′.

700c Wheel CONS?

  • Larger wheels don’t turn as fast, which means steering is less responsive making navigating technical trails and tight bike paths slightly more difficult. 700c wheels also make the frame and geometry of the bike physically larger, which may make it harder to handle for smaller riders



How the Bike is Delivered to You

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