Bike Trainer Stand Bicycle Trainer Stand Bike Exercise Stand Indoor&Outdoor Road&Mountain Bike Trainer Stand for 26-28″ Or 700c Wheel Magnetic Bike Trainer with 5 Levels Resistance (Black)


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Color : Black

Description :

There is no reason why you cannot exercise with your bike when the weather outside is bad.Our magnetic resistance bike trainer converts your bike into an indoor bike trainer.This bike trainer stand offer effective indoor training in a stiff, well supported steel frame.

Features :

√ This bike trainer has 5 levels of resistance adjustment,there is different feeling with different resistance level of our bike trainer stand,such as flat ground,sand or slope etc.

√ The magnetic resistance of our bike trainer is covered with a holed plastic shell.The hole will have the heat out when riding with our bicycle trainer and the magnetic resistance of our bike trainer stand can be protected by this shell.

√ Our bike trainer have a great air fan so that the heat will be easy and rapid to be out when the bike trainer stand working.So it is a good quality bicycle trainer.

√ This bike trainer is easy to set up with almost any bike--including road and mountain bikes with a 26"- 29" or 700c wheel.

√ This bike trainer is foldable so this bike trainer stand take so few space.You can put the bicycle trainer in any corner of your home,office or put it in your car trunk.

√ Our bike trainer is easy to set up,less 15 minutes this bike trainer stand can be finished installation.


Size:21.5"x 19.6"x 17.1" Weight:19.8 pounds Materials:high quality steel trainer bike stationary portable fluid magnetic bike trainer magnetic indoor road bicycle trainer exercise bike stand bicycle indoor trainer stand for exercise bike bicycle stationary exercise stand magnetic exercise bike stand road bike trainer stand magnetic bike exercise stand magnetic exercise bike stand bicycle stand trainer stand bicycle exercise bike exercise stand indoor


  • ★【LOW NOISE】So low noise there is when you riding with our bike trainer.You won't disturb your neighbours when you do excise with this bike trainer stand.Also you can watch TV while riding with our bicycle trainer.Bike trainer bike trainer stand bicycle trainer.
  • ★【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】The bike trainer is very easy to be installed with few spare parts.Less than 15 minutes to finish the bike trainer stand installation following our clear instruction.Have our bicycle trainer worked at a more open area.Bike trainer stand bike trainer bicycle trainer.
  • ★【EASY TO CARRY AND STORE】It doesn't take up much space to carry and place our bike trainer. You can fold it up and put it in the car's trunk easily. You can also place the bike trainer stand in a corner of the room. When you want to use it, just take the bicycle trainer out and start exercising. Of course, first you have to have a bike.Bicycle trainer bike trainer stand bike trainer.
  • ★【FIVE RESISTANCE SETTINGS】Our bike trainer can be adjusted to five resistance levels. When you reach one level, you feel like riding on a flat ground. When you adjust bike trainer stand resistance to three levels, you will experience something like riding on the sand. If you have confidence in yourself, you can set the bicycle trainer resistance level to five. It's like climbing a slope.Bicycle trainer bike trainer bike trainer stand.
  • ★【LIFETIME WARRANTY】Our bike trainer is made of high quality carbon steel and can guarantee at least 300 pounds of weight.We are sure you will be satisfied with our bike trainer stand quality and design.We will give you full refund if you do not like our bicycle trainer.Bike trainer bicycle trainer bike trainer stand.


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