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The new Framed Defendant Pro BMX bike delivers a new era of riding by incorporating the new 22" wheel and tire size as well as a number of key upgrades to enrich the riding experience. This bike is built with a 100% chromoly frame and fork which is lighter than hi-ten Steel and also smooths out jarring forces sent through the frame while riding. Framed also impressed on the crankset spec, using a hollow armed chromoly 3-piece crankset. The hubs are also utilize Semi sealed bearings to ensure a longer lifespan of your wheels.The 22" wheels creates a larger and longer frame that rides higher off the ground. Thanks to the 22" wheels, the bike travels further with every pedal rotation which means more speed! The contact surface between the tire and the pavement is also increased which yields better traction and stability. The Defendant Pro is an excellent upgrade to any entry level BMX bike you're currently riding thanks to this added new technology and the awesome upgrades. NOTE: All bikes are sold and delivered partially assembled. Final assembly should be done by a certified bike technician. Failure to have the bike assembled by a certified bike technician may void the warranty and could result in damage and/or injury if not assembled correctly.


  • WHEELS - The Framed Defendant's 22in wheels deliver a larger contact patch, more speed and further distance with every rotation.
  • HUBS - The Framed Defendant Pro kicks it up a notch by featuring a 3/8" front axle with and front and rear rear lose ball sealed hubs so you have a smooth rotation at all times.
  • HANDLEBAR - A chromoly handlebar gives you lightweight and reliable control over steering and includes grips to ensure you never lose hold. Perfect for beginners, you can't go wrong with the Framed Defendant BMX bike.
  • FRAME - The frame is 100% chromoly, ensuring you have the most reliable and long-lasting frame out there on the BMX market.
  • A professional bike mechanic has all the tools and expertise to assemble your bike quickly and precisely. Having a pro assemble your bike will save time, avoid unnecessary repairs and mitigate any potential safety hazards from doing it yourself.  A professional will go above and beyond by checking the bearings, truing the wheels, correctly tensioning the drivetrain and adjusting the brakes to ensure that you have a perfectly tuned bike. Leave it to a pro so you can start riding without worry!


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